How to Become a Micro Influencer on Twitter

Being influencer isn’t just because of the number of people who follow and subscribe to them. But just like business, it is also a way of marketing oneself on social media, like Twitter.

But how do you become a micro influencer anyway?

Basically, people on social media have an online presence because of two things: One, they are just incredibly famous, a social media star, a viral YouTuber or a celebrity. And two, they wanted to express themselves, the things they do and to inspire others.

A micro influencer is a later part. Today, let’s find out how you can be a micro influencer with these few easy steps. Let’s check this out!

What is a Micro Influencer

 A better definition of a micro influencer is someone who has 500 to 5,000 active and highly engaged followers, excluding your friends and your families. Basically, an influencer is a type of marketing tactic where businesses and brands collaborate with them to get followers and customers, while the influencer also generates money through it. A win-win situation, you say.

Now, how do you become a micro influencer on Twitter? Let’s check out how!

 Tip 1: Ask Questions

The easiest way to have an engagement is by asking questions to your followers. To ensure its effectiveness, the question should be good and your target audience should be interested in answering it.

The answer to your question must be easy and your followers should have fun guessing it. Avoid tweeting questions that require a long answer because it just might be ignored by your followers. Remember that you and your followers are only limited to 140 characters.

Be playful with making your questions, have fun using the W’s (What, When, and Where).

 Tip 2: Retweet

 If you need a quick tweet, just retweet a good post you saw. Doing this can also form a partnership which can help you reach more potential customers. Though retweeting requires no creativity or effort it can still affect the mood of your followers.

micro influencer

Tip 3: Have Fun

Basically, being a micro influencer shouldn’t come as pressure it should be just fun and interesting. Pay attention to your surroundings, current events, or tweets that you previously saw and try to comment something funny.

Saying something about the current events will help you get the attention of other users who are outside of your community. Even if funny tweets are only appropriate to use in personal accounts, it still can be a good source of engagement for business pages.

When tweeting about the world around you, make sure that your followers and potential customers can relate. Be sensitive enough to avoid offending people. As much as possible, never make a tweet that can give negative effects to your image.

Tip 4: Answer A question

 If one of your followers post a worthy question to retweet, never hesitate to answer it. Doing this can give useful information to your community.

Answering a question can help you improve your brand’s image. It‘s also an effective way to catch the attention of the users you want to engage with. And also with people who have thoughts on acquiring your product/services.

Tip 5: Share Your Wisdom

Your goal is as a micro influencer is to share your views that’s why you should never forget to tweet inspirational thoughts to their followers every day. An inspirational tweet is a great content. Aside from it uplifts the mood of your followers, it also has a high chance of being retweeted. Inspirational tweets can give you additional engagement.

Tip 6: Ask for Opinions or Suggestions

If you don’t know what to post on Twitter, then try asking for opinions or suggestions to your followers. It can give you ideas on how you can make or improve your influencing tactics or in a more personal way. Additionally, the sudden influx of suggestions and opinions can give your Twitter account a huge engagement.

Asking for opinions or suggestions is more effective if you respond to their answers. Never hesitate to pay attention to them. Always remember that the customers are always right.